Wrestler deaths steroids

To find answers, we need to look at the factors leading to wrestlers going that illegal extra mile. The first is also the most obvious; aesthetics. Having the right look can be the difference between working as a wrestler and working as a main-event “Sports Entertainment” star. Whether we want to admit it or not, a massively muscled man or a giant will always turn our head more than a fantastic cruiserweight-sized wrestler. It’s ingrained in us to gaze in awe at something we rarely see and, rightly or wrongly, that’s usually the bigger men. CM Punk cracked the main-event scene with a physique that’s not the WWE norm, but he appears to be the exception to the rule.

Robertson`s parents Ethel and Kenneth divorced in 1954. He attended Westdale High School in Hamilton. As a teen he worked at a golf course in Hamilton. He later worked various jobs from salesman, steelworker and even an arena manager. Robertson's sons, Jason and Mark, were also professional wrestlers . He was married to Gail Sterling for many years but they divorced in 1995. According to Bill Mercer , while married they lived in a nudist colony . From the late 1970s to his death, he battled substance abuse . For a few months, he and his wife were homeless until they received help from fellow wrestler Gene Anderson.

Born a skinny and awkward boy in Moscow, Aziz Shavershian relocated to Australia with his family at a young age and aspired to become a man of muscle. Instead of simply lifting heavy weights and bulking up in the gym, Shavershian became obsessed with ‘aesthetics’. This was a different basic approach to bodybuilding, with the envisioned end result not an overwhelming bulk of muscle, but an overall sexually appealing look through muscle definition. And Shavershian, also known to the world as “Zyzz” created his dream body in just four years.

Wrestler deaths steroids

wrestler deaths steroids


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