Ufc steroid busts

"I was sick, man, you saw me after the fight I couldn't talk., I can barley talk, I had the flu, cutting weight, I couldn't talk. I talked to you a couple of days after Vegas because the first few days I couldn't talk. In the interviews I did, you can see I was really, really sick. I always believed it was meant to happen, because if I would've felt good, I wouldn't be experimenting with something new or experimenting with things I don't take. In the back of my mind, I was like, 'I need to feel better, I need to feel better.' During training, I was about to pass out a few times. And now I am paying for experimenting with something new."

Caught: 6/13/07 , following his 38-second knockout loss against Bernard Ackah at Dynamite!! USA .
Tested positive for: Unspecified anabolic steroids. Morton’s pre-fight urine test came back as positive for a very elevated T/E (testosterone) ratio — , when the average for an athlete is 6.
Punishment: $2,500 fine and an indefinite suspension from the California State Athletic Commission. Morton’s $100,000 purse was also withheld after he refused to take a post-fight drug test. He hasn’t competed since.

Ufc steroid busts

ufc steroid busts


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