Testo 350 steroids

MULTI TESTO 350mg GEP is a blend of four esterified types of Testosterone-the basic steroid for gaining body mass, MULTI TESTO 350mg possesses the superb anabolic traits to rapidly stimulate the growth of muscles groups, parallel with the amazing improvement in body energy and sex life.

With a mission of service to humanity, GEP has supplied a great variety of quality anabolic products to the market which are earning trust and complete satisfaction from several consumers around the world. With MULTI TESTO 350mg GEP, many people have achieved the dream of a big, strong and tightened muscles body which boosts their confidence and life quality. 

Beginners are using doses ranging from 300 to 500 mg per week, which is the standard dose for a beginner with any other testosterone cures. This dose should produce dramatic increases even at the lower end of the dosage. Intermediate users will generally make much progress at doses of 500-750 mg per week. Advanced users will make great progress at the same dosage as intermediate users, and rarely need to rise above this amount. In any case, advanced users tend to use Testosteron Compound  ranging from 500 to 1000 mg per week. Detection time of Testosteron Compound  is due to containing long esters at least 120 days.

Testo 350 steroids

testo 350 steroids


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