Steroid drops for cats eyes

My cat has painful teeth and bad kidneys such that he needs to be given subcutaneous fluids every day. He is now throwing up his food and in pain and we think it’s his teeth but the vet says his kidneys won’t tolerate anesthesia so he can’t help with the teeth. I want to give him oil of oregano because that kills gram negative bacteria such as grow in teeth infections. I read that cats can take this if it’s natural (high quality w/o fillers of any kind) and of course that it must be diluted as oil of oregano is extremely irritating. At the same time I see at many other sites that oil of oregano is toxic to cats because it requires some enzyme (glucaridase?) to eliminate phenols (whatever their source). So…I am not talking about giving this every day but maybe for 3-5 days or so to get rid of infection. What advice do you have on this? Thanks

Plenty of support exists for you. The MUFFIN email list is a jewel, and the Feline Diabetes Message Board (FDMB) will connect you with a whole community of people who have diabetic cats and will give you almost immediate feedback. The only thing we have all agreed on entirely is this: trust your own good sense. IF YOU THINK SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT, TRUST YOUR SELF. A cat's wellness is broadcast by a constellation of behaviors, and the only one who knows him well enough to get the message early is you, who lives with him and cares enough to observe closely and thoughtfully.

Steroid drops for cats eyes

steroid drops for cats eyes


steroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyessteroid drops for cats eyes