Steroid chin growth


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Hello Sarah!!
Thank you so very much for writing this to me. I am so grateful for your kind words. They are very encouraging to me and for many others who are going through alopecia and hair loss issues. Please know that you have not only really helped to give me some very much needed support, but your comment is also very inspiring to many others. I pray that your hair continues to grow and flourish and that you are blessed, just as you have blessed us here today. Please stay in touch and feel free to write to me anytime. I really need more people like you in my life. Stay sweet and have a great day! BUG HUGS!! xox

Last year I developed a rash under my eyes and I was promptly prescribed hydrocortisone cream. It didn't help much and the doctor referred me to see a dermatologist. I was told to keep using the hydrocortisone and I was discharged. As the steroid cream didn't help I searched the internet for another remedy and that's how I came across a product called Magicream. It claims it only contains natural ingredients and it promised to clear up my rash. I was so excited! I have recently found out that the cream in fact contains Clobetasol Propionate and Ketoconazole. I was devastated to find this out especially since side effects include red spots and a burning sensation! When I stopped using the cream the side effects were terrible - I don't need to tell you as you know how the withdrawal of steroid can affect ones face. I then did a search on line and found your website which made so much sense and helped me to understand what was happening with my skin. I ordered the Face & Body Wash and the Face & Neck TheraCream and I have been symptom FREE ever since. Thank you from a once frustrated person!! Trish Managold, UK

Steroid chin growth

steroid chin growth


steroid chin growthsteroid chin growthsteroid chin growthsteroid chin growthsteroid chin growth