Positive medical uses of steroids

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Business Insider’s All The Reasons Pot Is Good For You

and did you know that CBDs leave the body much faster than THC?

Does the use of cannabis actually reduce pain, or does it just make the experience of pain more bearable? Marijuana’s effects on pain are highly variable from patient to patient. These variations may have to do with differences in brain structures between individuals...

Marijuana use is predictive of a lack of emotional connectedness with Facebook...

Research is finding that CB2 receptors can modulate immune defenses... ...

More positive promise for CBDs in treating MS...

Extremely low doses of THC reduce the production of amyloid beta , one of the many pathological cascades related to Alzheimer’s. Please note that extremely low means extremely low.

However, the presence of THC may dramatically increase the chances of survival from traumatic brain injury...

Bottom line: legalized medical marijuana is already saving medicare hundreds of millions of dollars per year. Who is going to quibble about effectiveness or side effects that are less intense than the prescription drugs marijuana is replacing?

Q. How to get rid of bad breath? My wife complains that I have bad breath. How can I get rid of it? A. Consider that candida infection can make your breath worse. You might try cutting down on sugar and carbs.

"Bad breath can also be caused by a candida (yeast infection), you may have a constant white furry tongue. Look at cutting down your intake of sugars and processed foods, as well as those containing yeast. - Search for Anti-Candida diet on a search engine for more info"

Positive medical uses of steroids

positive medical uses of steroids


positive medical uses of steroidspositive medical uses of steroidspositive medical uses of steroidspositive medical uses of steroidspositive medical uses of steroids