Non steroidal cortisone cream

Dr. Lee: Many pain medications are available over-the-counter (without a prescription, or OTC) in the . for short-term relief of joint pain , muscle aches , headache , menstrual cramps , and fever . These OTC analgesics are generally well tolerated and safe when used properly. But side effects do occur and in some instances can be serious. Today, we will ask Dr. William Shiel how to use these analgesics properly in order to minimize risks and side effects. We will also ask him to compare traditional pain relievers with the newer pain relievers, the selective COX-2 inhibitors.

What pain medications are available in this country without a doctor's prescription?

Answer: Steroids are incredible drugs for certain diseases. They are powerful anti-inflammatories and often are the only drugs available in certain diseases. We would use them more commonly if the side effects weren't so troubling. The side effects are usually limited to chronic use;that is, short term use is usually without major problems. The longer the steroids are used and the higher the dose the more the long term side effects. These side effects are to basically speed up the aging process. The eyes develop cataracts, bones develop osteoporosis and fracture, arteries develop hardening at a faster rate, serum glucose levels rise and often lead to diabetes mellitus, muscles weaken and atrophy. These changes usually take some time to develop and are faster with higher doses. Physicians try to use the smallest dose of steroids for the shortest time available; but, for many diseases there is absolutely no alternative to their use and the side effects must be accepted if the patient is to improve.

Non steroidal cortisone cream

non steroidal cortisone cream


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