Grass on steroids skyrim mod

Mezrich: ...This is the cool is the cool part of the story. Yeah, the tundra has a permafrost that’s like a ticking time bomb that if it went off would be worse than if we burned all the forests on Earth three times, and this permafrost is always getting close to melting ( Editor’s Note: Mezrich is talking about the potential for a catastrophic methane release from melting Arctic permafrost ) . These scientists, the Zimoffs, have been running this experiment since the 80s where they rope off a part of the tundra and repopulate it with Pleistocene type herbivores. They’ve put bison in, reindeer reindeer, horses, a WWII-era tank that they drive to mimic a mammoth, knocking down trees. And they’ve discovered they can lower the temperature by as much as fifteen degrees, which is an incredible thought (Editor’s Note: This is a speculative idea that Mezrich describes in more detail in the book, in which Pleistocene herbivores might help transition forests and shrub lands into grasslands, which absorb less heat.) The idea is to repopulate the area with mammoths. Church’s goal is 80,000 mammoths, and [he hopes that] you could lower the temperature of the permafrost for generations.

Adjust the amount of particle effects
iMaxDesired sets the maximum amount of particles "desired" to be rendered. This affects smoke, sparks, lights, and similar effects. The way it is designed, if set to 0, most of the time particles will not be seen, but sometimes they will "flare up," hence the "desired" part. This can be safely lowered to around 250 without much visible effect, but will not improve performance. Indeed, in testing, higher values tended to produce smoother frame rates. However, it may prove useful in reducing the amount of flickering that objects emitting a large number of particle effects are prone to in certain circumstances. Extremely high values can cause some windy snowstorms to become a little too severe. If increasing it to max it out, aim for around 10000 (this number was arrived at by the misty, snowy conditions atop the Throat of the World).

The only thing Stephen King is more terrified of than giant spiders is ending his novels on a positive note. Seriously, if you remember a happy ending from a movie that had "Based on a novel by Stephen King" in the credits, chances are that's the result of some producer taking one look at the source material and saying "Oh, hell no." In Cujo , Tad's mom doesn't save the day; he dies of dehydration in the car. In Christine , the car is still out there, coming back for revenge. In Shawshank Redemption, Red rapes Andy to death. (Probably. We haven't read it.) King never wants anyone for a second to think that death isn't creeping up behind us at all times. That's why in a story where four dirt-poor kids end up getting the shit kicked out of them, they had to end up dead; otherwise, this might come off as optimistic.

Grass on steroids skyrim mod

grass on steroids skyrim mod


grass on steroids skyrim modgrass on steroids skyrim modgrass on steroids skyrim modgrass on steroids skyrim modgrass on steroids skyrim mod