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[…] As you know, the past couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind. During this time I wasn’t trying too hard to eat low carb… unlike the militant way I was counting carbs during my initial n=1 experiment.  I know there were a some weeks when I was definitely eating very low carb and spent at least a few of those days in ketosis (I hadn’t been testing my blood ketones these past few months), and there were other days when my carb intake increased due to social situations as well as my desire to avoid the keto-rash: prurigo pigmentosa. […]

Hello. I am in my third week of the keto diet and I found that I was constipated and very bloated. My friend recommended this cleanse to me and said she had great success and didn’t really change her eating before starting with the salt. So I didn’t follow the directions and I started drinking the epsom salt at 2pm after having a high fat breakfast and lunch. I have just finished the 3rd serving (had the olive oil and lemon mixture last night) and so far I have not used the bathroom at all. Should I have expected this to work since I was coming off a high fat diet? Is it dangerous for me not to have drank all this epsom salt with nothing exiting?

Effect steroids crp

effect steroids crp


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