Cows on steroids vs normal cows

The Canadian Animal Health Institute reports that steroid hormones have a long safety record without incident for cattle and consumers dating back to their introduction in Canada in the 1960s and 1950s in the . They are also approved for use in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Chile and another 24 countries. The World Health Organization, United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the European Community Scientific Committee and the Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives agree that hormones used in beef cattle production don’t pose a health risk to humans.

you sure your not a farmer Jamie N Rocky Pearson, because everything you said was true. And thank you for standing up for us dairy farmers for a change. I am actually a dairy farmer from Northern Ireland and its very dishartening hearing what some people say about my proffesion when all they have done was cherry pick data from the internet. I belive that a balanced diet is best, manly unprocessed food. but just for a giggle lets say cow meat/milk was bad, what would happen to the cows, no market for them they wouldnt exist, which would be a crime in of itself not to have them in the feilds.

Well, nobody knows exactly how many antibiotics we're using in agriculture, because the industry is very tight-lipped about it. But the Union of Concerned Scientists did a study last year, and they found it was well over half the antibiotics used do go to animals, for many reasons. Some of them are to treat animals, which no one really has a problem with. Some of them, though, are for what's called growth promotion. In many animals -- and this is particularly true in chickens and pigs for reasons we don't even understand -- if you give low levels of antibiotics to an animal, it will grow more quickly. It may be that it kills off low-level disease that was harming its productivity or something like that. No one really understands why.

Cows on steroids vs normal cows

cows on steroids vs normal cows


cows on steroids vs normal cowscows on steroids vs normal cowscows on steroids vs normal cowscows on steroids vs normal cowscows on steroids vs normal cows