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Also, since I have this forum, I have a 30-year-old mystery I’d love to have solved by any readers that may have the answer. In the 1985 AFC Championship game, the Dolphins were home against the Patriots, and one of the Orange Bowl’s end zones was actually painted red and blue and said PATRIOTS. I didn’t dream this. It happened . Go watch it. It’s fucking insane. And it’s not like that was the tradition back then. That same day the ’85 Bears hosted the NFC Championship game against the Rams and one of the end zones at Soldier Field sure as fuck wasn’t painted blue and yellow and said . RAMS in it. Can you even imagine? Who made that decision? Who was running the Orange Bowl that day, one of my friend’s moms? “Well, the Patriots are our guests and we should make them feel at home.” You’re painting one of your end zones in the opposing team’s colors in the AFC Championship game?! Fuck I fucking hate the Miami Dolphins. Also I fucking love them.

No, I am not… When I joined a gym a couple years ago, my trainer always tried to modify my arm exercises, by keeping them close to my body… Not allowing my arm to go lateral at all. No wide open movements .. as far as strength training. But I have not been in the gym.. I walk and work out at home.. not much strength exercises.. mostly aerobic. I just lost 27-28 lbs.. over the course of 6 months. I have modified my diet drastically, but healthfully. I had no help from anyone. Just applied what I’ve known for a long time, and finally got on the wagon again. Now I want to tone up.. so I want to read your book.

Cory gregory anabolic fasting

cory gregory anabolic fasting


cory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fastingcory gregory anabolic fasting