Corticosteroid drugs ppt

Some have advocated supportive therapy for abdominal pain on the premise that fibrosis and scarring ultimately progress to pancreatic burnout and spontaneous relief of pain. Although long-term improvement in pain has been observed in some patients with CP, a significant subset of patients experiences debilitating pain for decades. The AGA technical review has stated that "a strategy of waiting for spontaneous pain relief is not reliable and may be unreasonable advice for the patient with persistent, severe pain." Furthermore, there is growing evidence that there is no association between duration of CP and improvement in pain. Medical options for pain relief include abstinence from alcohol and smoking, analgesics, and pancreatic enzymes. Abstinence from alcohol is critical because continued use can hasten disease progression, aggravate chronic pain, and increase mortality. Non-narcotic analgesics (., nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, acetaminophen, and tramadol) are the next step in managing painful CP. The role of smoking in the progression of fibrosis and functional impairment has been established in recent studies. Therefore smoking cessation should also be strongly advised. If pain persists, low doses of mild narcotics may be added. Severe or recalcitrant pain can warrant the use of stronger opiates in selected cases.

At first, your doctor may prescribe pain medication and encourage you to eat a fat-free diet. If the first episode of biliary colic is particularly severe, or episodes of colic keep retuning, surgery to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) usually is recommended. This procedure can be done through small incisions using an instrument called a laparoscope. The procedure usually requires only a brief stay in the hospital, and some people can leave the hospital the same day they have their operation. It is the most widely used treatment in people troubled by painful gallstones, because it is very effective and safe, with no complications in more than 90 percent of cases.

The search methods should be described in sufficient detail so the search can be reproduced based on the information provided in the manuscript. A summary of the methods of the literature search including this information should be included in the main article; details can be included in an online-only supplement. A PRISMA-style flow diagram showing this information should also be included as an online-only supplement. In addition, a completed PRISMA checklist should be submitted for the items completed that apply to systematic reviews (the checklist items that apply to meta-analyses do not need to be completed for systematic reviews without meta-analysis). The checklist will be used during review but will not be published.

Corticosteroid drugs ppt

corticosteroid drugs ppt


corticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs pptcorticosteroid drugs ppt