Asthma steroid inhaler types

During a mild acute asthma , steroid inhaler use is often increased (according to the asthma crisis management plan).  Your  Asthma & Allergy Center  doctor may have you do one spray per hour while awake for the first 24 hours or until asthma symptoms are controlled.  Your  Asthma & Allergy Center  doctor should be contacted for further instructions.  This technique may avoid oral steroid for mild flares.
Steroid MDIs may cause a yeast infection in the mouth if a spacer is not used or the mouth is not rinsed thoroughly after each use.  Brushing of the teeth after using a steroid inhaler or using a spacer are good ways of preventing oral yeast infections.

Not always. You will probably take more medicine when you begin treatment to get control of your asthma. After a while, you and your doctor will learn which medicine(s) control your asthma best and how much you need. Once your asthma is well controlled, it may be possible to reduce the amount of medicine you take. The goal of this step-down method is to gain control of your asthma as soon as possible and then control it with as little medicine as possible. Once long-term, anti-inflammatory therapy begins, your doctor will want to monitor you every 1 to 6 months.

The following observations relevant to systemic absorption were made in clinical studies. In one uncontrolled study a statistically significant decrease in responsiveness to metyrapone was noted in 15 adult steroid-independent patients treated with mg of flunisolide per day (the maximum recommended dose) for 3 months. A small but statistically significant drop in eosinophils from % to % of total circulating leucocytes was noted in another study in children who were not taking oral corticosteroids simultaneously. A 5% incidence of menstrual disturbances was reported during open studies, in which there were no control groups for comparison.

Asthma steroid inhaler types

asthma steroid inhaler types


asthma steroid inhaler typesasthma steroid inhaler typesasthma steroid inhaler typesasthma steroid inhaler typesasthma steroid inhaler types