Antiinflamatorii nonsteroidiene

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Typically, arthritis pain results from an injury of some form to your joints, whether it is caused by an accident. It may also occur because of physiological issues and autoimmune conditions. In either case, damaged tissues release specific chemicals that alert nearby sensory nerves. Once signaled, the nerves send a message up your spinal cord to your brain, which processes the message and then sends a “danger” signal to your motor nerves causing them to take immediate action. A good example is if you touch a hot stove. Your automatic response is to pull your hand away before you cause more damage.

Antiinflamatorii nonsteroidiene

antiinflamatorii nonsteroidiene


antiinflamatorii nonsteroidieneantiinflamatorii nonsteroidieneantiinflamatorii nonsteroidieneantiinflamatorii nonsteroidieneantiinflamatorii nonsteroidiene