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  • 'it's mart day' she said:
  • the trailer's packed with wool bales
  • or are these beings with beating hearts hid
  • deep inside their fleece
  • with so much fear or terror
  • and on their way to market?
  • Another truck goes by
  • the driver munching devil food.
  • The sun shines while bipeds chat.
  • The sign along the road with painted pig says
  • 'home reared pork' for sale.
  • 'Where are you pig?' I wonder.
  • ' And what do you think of this?'
  • children cowskin shod and sheep fleece laced
  • play beneath the sign
  • dribbling chocolate stolen from a sentient milk machine
  • her birth babe shot
  • discharged as mucused muck from snotty noses.
  • We hold the devil's fork and enter temples
  • praying for peace
  • and then go home and feed on silent screams
  • ranting that the world out there is such a mess.
  • What a bloody joke.
Kate FitzGibbon

Kung Fury: Street Rage is the companion video game to the film published by Hello There AB, paying homage to classic beat 'em up games such as Streets of Rage , Double Dragon , and Final Fight , though the actual gameplay mostly resembles One Finger Death Punch by Silver Dollar Games, with the player pressing left or right of the character to attack in either direction. It is available on PSN for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita , Google Play , App Store , Windows Store , and Steam . [24] [25] [26]

Andreas cahling use steroids

andreas cahling use steroids


andreas cahling use steroidsandreas cahling use steroidsandreas cahling use steroidsandreas cahling use steroidsandreas cahling use steroids