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I used creatine 8 or so years ago, had great gains, ( it was the exact same product then & dont tell me its gotten better becasue its effervescent or some .) But I also had a frequent & uncomfortable need to urinate that was NOT just from consuming extra liquid, but from my kidneys being put on overload & doing damage to them with this stuff. I drank plenty of water, took a little less than the recommended dose & was having the urination problem for years after the use of creatine… I also was very short tempered with my family & young kids at the time I took it as it altered my mood.
I also have a friend who underwent a kidney transplant, that if he didnt get, he would have died . the reason for his kidney failure was creatine & he would tell you to stay far away from it as it almost costed him his life. This stuff is absolutely no good-

28 .  A 47-year-old man is evaluated for 1 year of recurrent episodes of bilateral ear swelling. The ear is painful during these events, and the right ear has become floppy. He is otherwise healthy and reports no illicit habits. He works in an office and his only sport is tennis. On examination, the left ear has a beefy red color, and the pinna is tender and swollen; the earlobe appears minimally swollen but is neither red nor tender. Which of the following is the most likely expla nation for this finding?
A) Behçet's syndrome.
B) Cogan's syndrome.
C) Hemoglobinopathy.
D) Recurrent trauma.
E) Relapsing polychondritis.

Aml labs steroids

aml labs steroids


aml labs steroidsaml labs steroidsaml labs steroids